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Appearance and Form (Chair)

This chair is communicating ideas of perception and appearance of objects, bringing it into the real world for viewers to interact with as tactile object. The Sculpture is comprised of a chair painted white, shrouded in its own original appearance.



Wooden chair and printed silk.

35 x 32 x 47cm (length, width & hight)

Appearance and Form (Brick and Log)

When visually perceiving an object, the visual experience we have although related to the object, is not an inherent quality of the object. Colour sensations are a product of one’s brain’s interpretation of light, and the variations with in that resulting in different colours being interpreted. Thus Colour and appearance is not an integral part of the object. These three projection pieces are of objects painted completely white, with a projection of a stock photo of itself, cast over it.



Projector brick, log, chair.

Dimentions unique to location.

© Ralph Parks 2017