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Outside Beyond and Within

The purpose of the kite is to bring to light questions of reality, perception, and representation. It is alluding to ambiguities of perception and reality. It removes elements of reality from beyond and brings them into the mind and actions of the observer.



Nylon ripstop fabric, kite handle and line, wood doweling, and acrylic paint.

112 x 73 x 9cm (length, width & hight)

Log 2

The Log is concerned with the composition of physical objects. How the molecular structure of solid things is largely empty space. With vast distances surrounding each physical element. However they appear and feel solid because the atoms are in constant stimulation, spinning and forming a field of tension. The ball contains all the pieces of the log with in it. Thus if rolled in motion the saw dust would begin to spin and emulate the atoms existence.



Inflatable ball and pine log sawdust.

31 x 31 x 31cm (length, width & hight)

Quartz Clock

This clock has been programmed using Arduino to randomly speed up and slow down as well as change direction. Creating a very unsettling sight for the observer. The characteristics of this unusual clock are eluding to concepts of relativity and non linear constructs within time. The present is a consequence of the past and the future of the present.



Quartz clock and arduino.

23 x 23 x 5cm (length, width & hight)

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