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Between Objects and Ideas (Untitled 1)

The two sculptures in this project are concerned with the tension between the object and the idea. Through a manipulation of their form they are attempting to go beyond the object to transform it into an event. Hoping to transcend the experience of viewing the object into an experience which outlasts lasts the object itself.



Concrete, steel rods, tennis balls, artificial grass, ultra sonic speaker.

5.2 x 2.2 x 1.7m  (length, width & hight)


Between Objects and Ideas (Untitled 2)

Instead of an object, what these sculptures present to the viewer is an experience of their own perception that goes beyond the thing its self to offer knowledge of the object. It is an invitation to experience the world of objects as events, to understand how things work, and to view objects in their entirety.



Hickory wood, steel, beach log.

53 x  64 x 16cm (length, width & hight)


© Ralph Parks 2017